Security Pedal Locks by 2020 Welding Solutions

Have you found protecting your van stressful and overwhelming due to rising van
crime and thefts? Does your factory fitted security leave much to be desired?

Heres the good news, we have got you covered. We have created a range of
products that protect your van from being driven away in the attempt of someone
trying to steal it. Thats right, you get control back. Our range of pedal locks
are designed to stop the brake and clutch pedals from being operated.

They are all manufactured out of 8mm steel and come with a glossy professional
powdercoat finish. The locking mechanism is a 73mm round shackleess lock made
out of hardened steel, this comes with 2 keys. Also we supply 2 window stickers
to be displayed in your drivers and front passenger windows to let the world
know you have your vehicle protected.

When you are ready to protect your vehicle we have made the process as
streamlined as possible. 

Head over to our shop and find the pedal lock that will fit your vehicle. We
have made this as easy as we can for you to identify the models we have for sale
as we have the make, model and model years covered for each pedal lock.

Once youve placed your order we will process it within 24 hours and have it in
the post next working day delivery.

All tracking information will be uploaded to you so you can keep an eye on where
your pedal lock is. 

Most vehicle theft is orchastrated by organised crime gangs and professional
criminals. The most frequent vehicles targeted are work vans and sports cars.
The DVLA has released figures for stolen vehicles in 2022 and they are over
double that of 2021 coming in at almost 102,000 thefts.

With the average vehicle costing considerably more each year it makes sense to
add extra protection to your vehicle. We have made that process extremely easy
there really is no better way to protect your property. 

We have solved this problem for over a thousand other happy clients and we can
solve it for you too. Get yours today.

Click here to buy.

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