Concrete Screed Tripods by 2020 Welding Solutions

Have you found finding concrete screed tripods of high quality difficult? There
are many varieties on the market but it is hard to tell which ones are built to
last with so much noise from sellers that are happy to take your money and not
provide a quality product. 

We get it. We understand. Thats why at 2020 Welding Solutions we pride ourselves
on bringing you the best quality products that will last and get the job done
time after time. 

Our screed tripods offer – 

  • Ease of use
  • Height adjustment of up to 200mm
  • Made from 10mm bar
  • 55mm round plate 3mm thick
  • Cold Galvanised spray coating for longevity

We have made the process of ordering our screed tripods extremely easy and
streamlined with our online shop.

All orders placed are processed within 24 hours and sent with next working day

Heres how it works.

  • Place your order on our online shop
  • Stay updated with tracking information that we upload directly to your email
    used at the time of purchase
  • Receive your tripods within 3 working days of placing your order
  • Create your level depth of the floor you are going to concrete screed
  • Remove your tripods once you have achieved the depth required
  • Enjoy your new floor

Finding quality tools can be a grind and using poor quality tools is false
economy. Cheaper doesnt mean better especially with tools that you use daily. 

We manufacture our screed tripods for durability, they are built to last. We do
our job at the best of our ability so you can do yours. Using our proven
maintenance procedure will ensure you get the very best out of your tools for
years to come.

We have sold thousands of screed tripods solving this problem for our clients,
resulting in them coming back again and again as their busiess grows. Get your

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