About us

Professional Welding and Fabrication

2020 Welding Solutions was born in 2019, taking advantage of online E-Commerce platforms with an aim to grow the company through the sale of our unique welded products.

The welding services offered are generally for but not limited to the engineering sectors. Servicing such businesses like fabrication shops, water treatment suppliers, machine shops, motor sport manufacturers and many more.

We have over 60 years experience welding for the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical industries.

Because of this experience we have gained extensive knowledge and experience welding a vast array of different metals, particularly exotic and reactive metals. This experience allows us to serve you better.

We have worked on a range of projects throughout our extensive individual careers, coming together, creating a team of skilled tradesmen. This broad knowledge base gives us the tools to apply to your projects successfully. We take pride in the small details, how you do one thing is how you do everything. We take this approach with all our clients projects.

At 2020 Welding Solutions Limited we specialise in TIG welding. The gas tungsten arc welding process is the most versatile and allows us to weld a vast array of materials.

Some of the materials include – Zirconium, Titanium, Nickel Alloys, Super Duplex, Stainless steels, Aluminium, Engineering steels, Mild steel etc.

Please use the contact us page if you have any welding related enquiries.


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